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I'm Back. Sort of. For now!

Recovering from being a part of the US supply side www.MiningMagazines.com stupid toxic waste move of using our www.MiningInvestment.com, and www.TheMiningInvestor.com web sites to blow the whistle on foreign multinational banks, and foreign big board stock exchanges, and countries who do not appreciate free speech, on not playing free enterprise fair, with what is left of small to medium property size American mining. For now, to respond without being spoofed, call me direct at 503-753-5868.

These modern claim jumpers I somehow encouraged by publishing a First Amendment protected information, as lived by me, felt an inconvenient truth of "favored nation" Chinese "big board” IPO’s were working with Vancouver, British Columbia "free trade" junior partners, making up their own securities regulations overseen by bogus Queens Bench arbitration.

And then I got anonymously hacked, smacked, folded, spindled, and otherwise mutilated on the disinformation highway for exposing that the Toronto Stock Exchange "in Canadian Interests 43-101 mining professional standards" were being used against "un-qualified" Alaskans to create a workforce vacuum to sell EB-5 Green Card Visas to Asians. If you think I am just paranoid about the “anonymous”, just look up the numbers on EB-5 on Google / wikipedia.

Un-transparently, I can't find any reference to how Hong Kong David Lin's Ophir claims are working out for him. Nor of the fate of the Anvil Creek Gold Claims this magazine listed before it was sold, with a gag order hiding information on State of Alaska claims being transferred, to a Hanoi venture capital group, with a CEO I talked to by phone (Ong, or Hang ?) who really thought it explainable how their expansion program had accidentally conflicted with an Iditorod dog musher friend of mine whose day job of panning gold was needed to maintain a racing kennel.

Another defendable from a liable lawsuit for telling the truth, was the experience with the TSX overt stock market  "pump and dump" practice of American mining claims. This was by CanAfrica [CAF] circumnavigating Alaska securities laws by using a $35,000 option fee to cover state filing costs, to raise $3.5 million from investors through Merrill Lynch of Canada. Complaining about that may have been part of the reason my MiningMagazines.com URLs 'mining' web stats have recorded the documentation that I personally have been pished all over by a denial of service hacks to misdirect freedom of information readers looking for a "free trade" equal access competing for inside mining information opportunities.

Because Asian search engines, and their creepy bot crawlers have had such a measured success in hiding www.SilverMiningClaims.com > www.AlaskaRangeSolar.com >and www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net.   My online since 1987 TheProspector.com, for echoing my TheMiningInvestor.com, also in trouble from Chinese hacking for quoting a CNN story, has lead to this US only suggestion:

Lets avoid legal fuss and muss where $25,000 down on a simple sales contract could put a LLC network group of young Alaskans, or Vets, or better yet Wounded Warriors trying to put lives back together in the business of mining and manufacturing something for sale as AlaskanRangeSolar.com "smart roofs" using an affordable house building product, with my Plan B, first caller the winner, for a safe and legal fund raising product bundle, is:

Vet Program

I have come up with a way for those who somehow did their homework through to my www.StrategicMetals.net site to really understand what is happening: My personal supposedly un-hack able e-mail address, supposedly for now, being uniquely non-phishable for spam mail misdirection, is AlaskaMining.com@gmail.com. Unexplainable events leading up to this page's rewrite suggests if you are real, then call me at my old 503-753-5868, or a new "burn phone" number 541-992-6313. Yes, I am outside in Oregon, fighting the same battles with my www.NephelineSyenite.com > FoamKrete.com bundle.

After all, at age-76 looking to retire, with a URL as strong as AlaskaMining [Dotcom] how is it some anonymous twit in New Zealand, who labeled my www.Property-Prospect-Showcase.com, a fraud, going to strike again for “being an out of control bush Alaskan” expressed by a Nova Scotia Capital Investment advisor who wanted to know on the phone, “Who in the hell do you think you are, and what are you doing with my property”?

See www.ECOhousingofAmerica.com doodling for inspiration on how to sell a rock solid mining product from the underground ground up, instead of floating paper dreams. This is a sly Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Big Bang Asperger's syndrome reference to the fact that Mining Law of 1872  silver (a metal, not a market symbol) is not a stock from an IPO upstart SEC sanctioned corporation, but a natural resource wealth commodity that can be openly traded on an open free enterprise market, just as silver salmon, silver tipped fir trees, silver beet vegetables, and a copper silver wheat penny.

Enough Whining about Past History. Are You Ready For What Will Be The Third Great Mineral Rush Of My 60 Years Of Prospecting Experience?

Those who do not understand that today the collapse of gold and silver "commodities" in leveraged paper values almost overlays the going short speculation losses charts just preceding the First Great Depression, are going to totally caught unawares that the traditional "boom to bust and back again" cycle has been delayed so long on the "kick the can down the road" downswing, that the natural upswing is totally going to bring the HFT nanno second traders of Wall Street to tears.

Why? Because finally "bush" Alaskan's who wear wool socks are going to be able to laugh back at the silk stocking wizards who don't understand the nature of long term survival. They will soon have to alter their day-by-day flowchart spreadsheet ETF mentality about the failure of big company gold mining stocks in Alaska. 

We slow minded "quaint characters" have been waiting. And watching just how the flow of a creek and rivers have ever so slowly been physically changing in the past 35 years since the last gold rush, due to global warming / climate change where melting glaciers and permafrost has renewed placer gold opportunities for individual US citizens, over that of English, Chinese, Brazilian, Canadian, etc. corporations building humongous holes in the Earth.

The Problem With The Natural Gold Rush Cycle to Alaska Is Us Old-Timers, Who Knew How To Placer Mine Properly Are Rapidly Disappearing!

And as my e-mail somehow hasn't been delivered by USPS standards, I need to answer questions that haven't been received for my being on flagged (?) on someone's spam black list. So you listen up Cheechakos, Pilgrims, Greenhorns, Tenderfeet, for advice I would give myself setting out on a yet-another-Northern Lights-adventure Main Chance of a lifetime opportunity.

This comes in part because I listened to the genetic wisdom of Great Uncle  'Midas' MacAdam who climbed the Chilkoot Pass as shown above, who worked "a lay" on Bonanza Creek on the Klondike.

I too climbed that right of passage, but did not have to pack a ton of supplies up the chute, as required by the Mounties. The family story was he arrived on the first relay to the top in a swirling snowstorm as just about fell onto the gatling machine gun the Canadian Army Field Force had set to defend the Yukon Territory from "54-40 or Fight" Americans taking a shortcut to what we thought was US Army Lieutenant Schwatka’s "moose hide landmark", that American prospector George Carmack used to discoverer “Rabbit Creek” gold now known as the Bonanza flowing into the Klondike.  He and his native brother in law staked their claims believing they were to be recorded in Alaska’s Forty Mile Mining District.

Stampeder MacAdam also made it down the Yukon River on to Nome, where he lost his claim to the U.S. land office mess. Eventually he returned from South Africa with the moniker of Midas for using a California gold rush rocker to wash beach diamonds.

And then I listened to my father who was perhaps the most respected mining attorney in the West, that from his hard rock Big Hurrah, and Lituya Bay beach sands experience, almost ended up going back to Washington, D.C., with Wally, otherwise known as The Governor, who became Secretary Hickle of the Department of the Interior.

My wintertime wilderness Alaska experiences began on ski and snowshoe in 1968, and continued to stories published in my www.GoldMining.net.  And sharing moose nose head cheese, and smoked beaver tail, at camps with some unbelievable handshake partners who had been on the Kobuck, and Forty Mile, and Wild Lake, etc. stampedes. And I did some articles done in my spare time on my www.AlaskaTravelMagazine.com, which I hope are received with the idea that no prospector, no matter how old, really truly understands the art of "finding gold" by exploring, is not something learned as an exact science in a classroom.

Therefore, Small Placer Gold Prospecting Class 101:

1) Step one, away from civilization is to click here to download the State of Alaska Mining Laws & Regulations. Do not leave home without a printout. Pay particular attention to the "Prudent Man" doctrine when prospecting. And, the part about actually making a physical discovery, by a US citizen at least 18 years old. The "caution" part missing is that Alaska State troopers are also game wardens. Your mining adventure should not turn into a macho marathon hunting expedition. When dealing with bears, which react to a scent of fear, many bush Alaskans have gone to pepper bear spray. No, you do not apply it to clothing and tents as a repellant.

Also acquire a copy of fishing regulations to understand your role in protecting Alaska's greatest renewable resource. Salmon. An economic system that has worked well the last 10,000 years. Which is why there is no such thing as ETF HFT silver salmon futures?

Have the unfortunate happenstance to run into a belligerent, and automatic weapon armed Chicken War,  "paper staker", with no provable claim post boundary markers visible? Then make a 911 call to our better than Texas Rangers troopers using your expensive rented satellite phone, to make a garbled report about a drug fiend shooting grayling. FYI; a delicious trout like arctic char with a dorsal fin that makes it the most worthy fly fishing challenge, ever.

Just as with a respect for Troopers sometimes acting as judge and jury in remote villages, know that our Alaska Department of Lands is your best friend in the North, in that there is no such thing as patenting a fee simple claim anymore as real estate. What they say about ownership, even past what big city law firms promulgate on retainer, is the rule of law.

Consequently, the act of staking a claim is a "gift" from someone who is actually a partner. Especially when the ADL is concerned about collecting a 3% royalty that goes directly into the permanent fund paid out to Alaska voters who don't do the "snowbird" migration south for the winter.

I as a half-baked Alaskan voter, who came North in a pre-pipeline ice-age era, have never actually been tough enough to make it through an Alaskan December. It's not the cold, as I have camped out in forty-below weather in a single wall tent. It is about darkness, which I guess has something to do with my desire to see my off-grid www.AlaskaRangeSolar.com system work, as sort of explained in my dream of www.ECOhousingofAmerica.com.

The noble few citizens, who need what many consider a subsidy from exported oil to keep warm in the deepness of a harsh winter, are the only such voters in the world to directly benefit from a government’s regulation of natural resources.

This happenstance has made Alaska a lot of national media enemies, as CBS's  "Catfight Kouric," who apparently was tired of supporting a menagerie of welfare freeloaders, who didn't even read newspapers, magazines, and books. Huh! What else is there to do in wintertime? And besides, a log cabins R-value of 7, can be boosted almost to 12, by the practicable insulation of full bookshelves.

To further explain the "Bridge to Nowhere" (from the Village of Ketchikan, to a State of Alaska owned and maintained airport) scandal, consider that when you pull up to a fuel pump in Anchorage, there is a US Excise Tax sticker, which somehow doesn't’t explain why we have no Federally funded highways or freeways, or bridges to anywhere, out of said tax revenue? 

Continuing on in this "mad miner" string of complaints, Fairbanks fuel pumps have a reasonable price on the high end of North Slope locally cracked production gasoline, but the high imported again diesel fuel prices we really need to operate through a winter reflects the cruel fact that our crude is shipped outside. Some of the vital cat and truck and generator fuel is returned by ice roads, sometimes to Brooks Range / North Slope mining camps, at a cost outside corporate bean counters love, because it explains away why a heavily promoted "financial paper" mining project is just not making a profit due to unforeseen 10 times the price conditions! And, of course, printing more stock to cover the losses.

And just as bizarre, this is why old supply side miners love that 3% royalty, for writing in an equal continuing royalty into a contract.  So many small miners have been taken so badly by TSX and Penny Stock Greensheet joint ventures, as explained in my www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net. The royalty clause at least gives us a fighting chance to collect when ore concentrates are shipped to foreign countries for refinement that just might not have a valid umpire assayer system.

I fully expect that the BLM system of also validating Mining Law of 1872 mining claims by a yearly rental system, to logically follow Alaska with a royalty that perhaps could be used to keep schools open in Nevada mining towns.  As somewhat explained by my guide book notations, and Nevada claim staking procedures. here:

Placer Book

The State of Alaska recently went further ahead in the ”keep it honest battle” to an "in-kind" royalty payment before oil leaves Valdez. This toughness is this "tax" already is benefiting a joint roads to resources / and a public/private natural gas line, which actually is a very wise green energy idea.

Think that is another wacky thought from a 76-year old miner/conservationist? Then find the 1960’s(?) National Geographic article, gathering dust on a log cabin shelf somewhere, that documented the Artic gas field shared by Siberia, Alaska, and the Northwest Territories contains a 250 year supply of a clean burning replacement for coal generation of electricity. Consider, also, as gold and silver "shipping bars" are not considered as taxable money, or legal tender, what it would be like to have a State of Alaska "in-kind" certified weight in ounces blank round.

2) If you too are capable of reading, do some library research in old adventure books, U.S. Geological, and State of Alaska reports, mining journals, concerning where your prospecting target area might be. Understand also that really, really big foreign mining companies cannot function at all on small prospects.

See if you can find a used copy of Ernie Wolff's "Handbook For The Alaskan Prospector". I just looked and there were two available from Amazon. I was a friend with him six months before it came out in conversation that he was a University of Alaska professor. And then there is my old competitor Leo Mark Anthony’s short course "Red Book" where he is more attuned to importing problematical California style dredges.

3) Shut off any reality TV show with an English film crew, and dramatic director/ commentator who thinks mining deposits millions of years old, need to be accomplished in desperate days. This attitude only seems to lead to dangerious no win arguments between supposedly handshake and grubstake partners.

4) Do not head up the Alan with a caravan of oversized equipment on rubber tires to a state where only 2.5% of the land may be reached by "haul roads." That is if you are not expecting to be financed by advertising revenues and reality TV actor's equity.

5) In fact don't buy, braing, anything "outside" from a big box store. Everything you will need can be found in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau. And you can be reasonably certain that as Wal-Mart in Anchorage has an outdoor and fishing supply department that sells special to Alaska fishing lures, that they don't stock junk that flat doesn't’t work well above 54°40′ degrees north.

I should say untested junk in that I once tried to reach Boob Creek, to follow up a story I had read about the Iditarod and Flat, but lost out to an outboard kicker chewing up a gear case to a aftermarket prop protector. Don't set out 250 miles upriver from the nearest cabin with junk. Years later my skookum sidekick Miz Bobby of www.WesternMiner.com, helped someone else sell the claims that had greatly increased in value for having mastodon tusks.  

6) Speaking of useless junk you will find what that is all about when loading a bush plane, while the pilot is throwing this and that out the other door. Or when a helicopter crew calls in other units to act a fuel tankers.

7) My old fashioned preferred method of small property prospecting is using rivers as highways to a support camp on a stream, even if you have to jump over the side onto freezing water to man a tow line. Then send out a two-man backpack (or siwash) teams to follow a pup with pick and pan (shovel, loupe, and plastic sample bags) to the divide.

8) Once you find enough colors in a test pan, choices have to be made: As move camp to the find and start working exploring it further by hand. Or, if you have a two boat, four man company: one returns to see if the latitude / longitude as worked out on your topo maps, or GPS unit, can be legally filed upon as prudent men.

The very necessary camp keeper/cook starts whipsawing boards to build a prospectors style wooden sluice box, or rocker, which is a better choice to test a mineable hand dug explorative shaft.  Want to be lazy about this, take a quick look at the hopefully abandoned holes grizzly bears dig looking for food. 

Meanwhile the guys on the shovels are stockpiling material ready to wash, and this in reality is very important, when the whole company is back together again to do the first cleanup. Gold fever brings mistrust among the best of friends.

9) If all has gone well, that season’s gold is used to expand the find with next level of equipment needed for exploration and development to fit the project. 

10) This will include experience that I am not willing to share with the Asian EB-5 crews working my old claims, lost through a nasty divorce settlement with a gold digger wife, at Ophir.

If however, you are a friend of bush Alaskans, and somehow understand my AlaskaRangeSolar.com / and SilverMiningClaims.com, empty head rattling on, well give AlaskaMining.com an invite to a "touch down" social visit for a traditional tea and pilot bread to tell us a long story, because when you reach my age you just might understand the true wealth of a season of your life is a fun experience.

Barry Murray, PhM (Prospector of Honest Mining)

Alaska Gold
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